Oct 242012

Oct. 24, 2012 – By Steven B. Krivit –

Steven Featherstone’s article “Can Andrea Rossi’s Infinite-Energy Black Box Power The World – Or Just Scam It?” published yesterday online on the Popular Science Web site.

“Silverbird” wrote the following astute one-sentence comment in response on the Popular Science Web site: “Why did this BS require 8 pages?”

Indeed, it is a peculiar story, not for its content but for its timing.

Featherstone contacted me on June 19 this year.

“I came across your site while researching a feature story about ‘cold fusion,’ or LENR as it were, and Andrea Rossi in particular,” Featherstone wrote. “I’m new to the subject of cold fusion, so it’s been quite an uphill battle separating fact from fiction, especially with material found on the Web, most of which appears to be fiction. Your skepticism about Rossi’s claims, while not rare, seems more informed than most and certainly well-documented. In fact, I’ve ordered your book and plan to read it ASAP.

“I’m just getting started on the reporting, but my editor wants the story as soon as possible. At the moment, I haven’t contacted Rossi, but I plan to do so soon, in order to arrange an interview. Before I talk to him, I’d love to get your take on Rossi. I’m aware that you’ve probably said everything you need to say on your site, but I’m hoping that you can help me cut quickly through the detritus — as well as the whole field of ‘cold fusion’ research. Thanks, and keep up the good work!”

I sent Featherstone my LENR Reading List. The next day, I spent three hours with him on the phone. During the call, Featherstone told me that he already perceived the Rossi story as a scam and he knew the investigative work we had done on the story. Considering these facts, I don’t understand why Popular Science decided to send Featherstone to Italy and do this story on Rossi and his E-Cat. The Popular Science article contributes nothing new.

There is credible, important science in the LENR field that may herald remarkable advances in science and technology. Popular Science can do better than this.

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