Jan 012012

Andrea Rossi makes up his history in LENR research on the spot.

Rossi Explains His Great Moment of Discovery During June 15, 2011, Interview

Steven B. Krivit: There must have been some point at which you saw something that you said, ‘Wow! This is strange.’ Do you remember that moment?
Andrea Rossi : Yes, because I burned a finger.
Krivit : Can you tell me more about that moment?
Rossi: Yes, uhh, because, umm, I was, uh, uh, working with a, with a small reactor which was made of, uh, umm, of copper, was made of copper, uh, and with a small lead shielding, and I was giving energy with a resistance, uh, giving, eh, some sort of temperature. At a certain point, the, the temperature raised very suddenly, and, uh, and I had in my, the, the, uh, left finger of, uh, of, uh, the, the, the, the finger of, umm, uh, the index of my left hand, umm, sit on a, a part of this small reactor which was as big as this, and I burned the top of the finger.